Conway House LFD Testing Information for Staff

In order to follow government guidelines, staff must now complete Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests before they start each shift. Due to this we are providing staff with testing packs which can be complete in your own home. All tests must be logged to NHS Test and Trace.

Testing Pack 

When you recieve your testing pack please check it as soon as you get home. 

It must contain the following items -

- 12 LFD tests 

- 12 swabs

- 12 barcodes (in sets of 3)

- 12 tubes and dropper heads

- 2 data input sheets

- 1 bottle of testing fluid

If you are missing any of these items or any of the seals are not intact you must report this to Michelle or Jade immediately so that a replacement can be given to you. Additional testing packs will be given to you when required. 

Please do not leave these testing packs in your vehicle or in plain view where they could be stolen. Please do not leave these testing packs on company property. They must be taken to your own home as soon as possible and stored safely between 2 and 30 degrees celsius. 

Barcodes and Log Sheets

In each test pack you will have 12 sets of 3 barcodes. Each set of 3 will have the same serial number on them. Before you begin your test, take one set of barcodes, check to make sure they all have the same serial number. Place one barcode on the back of the LFD test, one on the log sheet provided and keep the final in a safe place (for example, stick it in a notebook and write the date along side it).

Complete your log sheet accurately and ensure the correct barcode is attached to the correct entry. 

Taking the Test

Please watch the following video for instructions of how to complete your LFD test, it is less than 3 minutes long:


- Put 6 drops of fluid into the tube before you swab yourself

- Handle the swab with care and do not let the soft end touch anything before you complete the test

- Rotate the swab on both tonsils and at least one nostril for at least 10 seconds 

- Put the soft end of the swab into the tube containing the fluid and rotate and squeeze it for 20 seconds then put your swab carefully back into the packet

- Put the dropper head on the tube and squeeze 2 drops of fluid into the sample well marked S

- Set a timer for 30 minutes and make sure you check the results as soon as the timer is finished 

LFD tests can be uncomfortable and it may make you gag or cough - this is entirely normal, please do not be deterred if you gag, just try to complete the test to the best of your ability. 

Reading and Disposing of the Test


After you have waited for 30 minutes, please check your test for one of the following results and record it accurately. Once you have finished recording your results, place the LFD test, the swab and the tube/dropper into 2 plastic bags and dispose of it in your household waste. 


Your LFD test will show one of the following results: 

Image description

Invalid tests will need to be retaken - if this happens please let Michelle or Jade know so they can issue you with replacement testing equipment. 

Reporting Test Results 

All test results must be logged into the track and trace system. To do this you must visit the governments reporting website and input your personal details and test result. You do not need the Track and Trace app to do this, do it on your internet browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.)

You results need to be logged on the website on the same day that the test was taken. It does not need to be done immediately following the test but it must be logged before midnight on the day you took the test. 

You will be asked for your personal details, email address, phone number and Unique Organisation Number. 

If you work mainly at Conway House your Organisation Number is: 


If you work mainly at The Haven your Organisation Number is: 


You will be asked for your test kit ID number - this is the code on the barcode you have used, please be sure to enter it carefully and accurately. 

If you do not have an email address then you can use

You must provide your own mobile number. The system will ask you if you know your NHS number - it's fine if you do not, just select that option and continue through the form. 

Again, all results, negative, positive and invalid MUST be logged on the website.

Jade is available during her usual office hours to assist you with logging results but she will need the barcode for the test for it to be logged.  

Please read each question carefully and answer with accuracy. 


Further Reading and Training


Please click this link to complete the LFD test training that the government has suggested. It consists of several short videos to watch and then a few questions to answer. It will take no longer than 20 minutes. You will need to create an account with the site before you can complete the training. 

The Token Password is: 3wkcVi4UTX

Please check out the following link for more information about COVID-19 testing within care homes and LFD testing in general. More resources will be added as they become available.


NHS Guidance for Staff Self Testing